2018 Summer Training Plan + Sprinting Plan

Hey Running Club! Your long distance captain, Ryan Heckman, has once again delivered a summer training plan to help you all get ready for the upcoming cross country season and beyond. The plan begins today, May 28, and runs right up to Welcome Week in August. Included in the plan is a week-by-week mileage guide, a workout calendar, and a set of lifting exercises. There may be minor tweaks to this plan, so check the OSU Running Club Facebook group for those - this post will always have the up-to-date version. Be sure to share this plan with anyone who may be interested in Running Club and feel free to email heckman.92@osu.edu with any questions. Happy running!

For all the sprinters out there, Jaime Donaldson and Marv Olowookere (your fine sprint captains) have created a summer workout plan for you all that begins on June 4 and also runs right up to Welcome Week. Check it out below, and contact donaldson.208@osu.edu or olowookere.1@osu.edu if you have any questions!


2018 Summer Training Plan

2018 Sprinter Summer Training Plan

Under Construction

Hey Running Buckeyes and all other Internet users who happen to have stumbled across this site. Welcome! I'm Matt Polatas, your Webmaster for the 2018-19 year, and over the summer, I'm working on the task of transforming this website into a tool for OSU Running Club's members and supporters alike. Because of this, the site will be constantly changing and might not be as gorgeous as you or I would like, but we're getting there! To be fair, it was never exactly gorgeous to begin with.

If all goes well, this will be your destination for all things Running Club - from racing results to a social calendar to personal stories and all the other things that we think make our club so great. And if all doesn't go well, please don't re-elect me to this position in the spring. I'm here to help create a website that both draws prospective runners in and eliminates any confused Facebook posts or angry emails from current members.

Any help that you can offer along the way is greatly appreciated, so feel free to email me at polatas.2@osu.edu with any questions, complaints, ideas - anything that would help me create a better website for you.

Your Webmaster,
Matt Polatas


2018 Indoor and Outdoor Track Schedule (Preliminary)

Here is the Preliminary 2018 Indoor and Outdoor Schedule for The Running Club at OSU. 

Jan 20- Tiffin open
Feb 3rd- TBD but we will have a meet
Feb 17-Kenyon
Feb 24/25- Illinois we will stay the night over
Outdoor season starts
March 24- Cedarville
March 30/31- Otterbien midnight meet. Starts the 30th @ 11pm
April 14/15- NIRCA NATS over night meet @ Indiana U
April 21- NITCA overnight meet @ Illinois

We will post here on the site and on our Facebook group what meet ends up filling the Feb. 3rd spot.