Meet Our 2019-20 Officers

The Executive Committee


Zach Napholz (Left) President of the Running Club Senior, Chemical Engineering

As President, Zach is the main leader for the club and leads the club’s announcements and meetings. He also writes the mass emails and prevents scheduling conflicts. He is minoring in Business, and has had two co-op rotations with Smuckers. Once as a process engineer in the main jelly plant and a second one as a process engineer in pet food R&D. Zach’s favorite track events are the mile and the 3K Steeple Chase. While his favorite running club social event is Ty’s Fall Formal. Zach enjoys spending time with his two family dogs Millie (seen above) and Sammie. He also likes to play videogames with friends or his brother Trent (also above).

“Running Club has been a huge part of my time at OSU in the best of ways. This club has helped me grow as a person and meet some of my best friends.”


Alexandra Milheim Treasurer Senior, Accounting

Alexandra handles all of running club’s expenses, incoming money, and all those other accounting things normal people are scared of. Her favorite events are the 6K (even though she misses that high school 5K) and the good ole 1500 on the track (because the mile is not good enough for outdoor college track I don’t make the rules). Outside of club, she really enjoys watching the Bachelor, eating mac n cheese, and staring blankly at calculators hoping to gain their math powers.

“I was sad when high school ended because I thought I would never run cross country and track again. Once I found out about running club, I was so excited and grateful to continue running at a level that is competitive and fun, although what I’m most thankful for is that I’ve met my best friends here.”


Greg Antonini
Vice President of Racing
Senior, Geographic Information Science

Greg is the head of the racing committee for cross country and track and creates the meet schedule. His favorite events are the half marathon and 8K in cross country (sometimes back to back - which has led to a nickname that shall not be mentioned on this site), and the 5K in track. Outside of running, Greg enjoys biking, nature photography, cars, cooking (with dairy of course), politics, and nerding out on the latest tech news.

"I knew I wanted to join Running Club from the moment I decided to go to OSU. Ever since, Running Club has been my home. It has challenged me to be the best athlete I can, given me a de-stressor after classes and the best friends I could ever ask for. I'm really looking forward to using all that I've gained over the past three years to give back to Running Club so that all current and future members can have a great experience."


The Racing Committee


Matt Polatas
Long Distance Captain
Junior, Chemical Engineering

Matt is the head of our long distance team for cross country and track and previously served as the Webmaster for the 2018-19 school year. Matt’s favorite events are the 8k in cross country, the 3k and 5k in track, and most importantly, the Chocolate Milk Mile, of which he is OSURC’s reigning champion. Outside of Running Club, Matt is a TA for the first year engineering program and enjoys playing fantasy football and basketball.

“Running Club is my escape from the stress of school and is my closest community of friends on campus. I love how I can compete and improve with the freedom of a club, where I can work out in the way I think is best for me.”


Dani Lopez Mid Distance Captain Junior, Neuroscience

Dani is the head of our mid distance team during track season and will also help Matt, our long distance captain, during cross country season. Dani’s favorite event is the mile, and she’ll try her first 6k cross country race this upcoming season. Outside of running club, Dani is an RA in Park-Stradley and she loves drawing, rock climbing, and camping. A fun fact about Dani is that she won the “Best Season Wipeout” award her freshman year for face planting in the sand pit while attempting to triple jump.

“I jumped right in during the first week of my freshman year, and everyone in the club welcomed me and was so friendly. Since then I have made some of my best friends, and I have people to call family and a place to call home at OSU. Going to running club is the best part of my day, even when the workouts are hard. The people in the club are so amazing that I’d do 1000 meter repeats any day just to hang out with them. Somehow, this amazing bunch makes running fun, and I’m so excited for my next two years with them.”


Jaime Donaldson
Sprint Captain & BuckeyeThon Team Captain
Fifth Year, Interior Design

Jaime is a co-captain with Stuart to our sprint team and the team captain for Running Club's BuckeyeThon team to raise money FTK. Jaime's favorite running events are the 400, 4x4, 4x2, and the occasional steeplechase. Outside of Running Club, Jaime is a part of the International Interior Design Association and stays busy with her nephews and niece. A fun fact about Jaime is that although she is a sprinter at heart, she has a newfound love for the occasional ~slow~ half marathon.

"I was nervous coming to OSU as a transfer student but Running Club welcomed me with open arms and I haven't looked back. These people have become my best friends and my home for the past three years. I love that I can still compete and stay active in college without the stress of a college level coach and 5am practices. I'm sad this will be my final year with the club but I'm so grateful to have found a club in college that makes leaving so hard. Come for the competition, stay for the friendship. Also, don't forget to sign-up for BuckeyeThon. I promise you won't regret it!"

Want to know more about Jaime? Check out her running story here.


Stuart Scarangella Sprint & Jumps Captain Senior, Aerospace Engineering

Stuart is a co-captain to our sprint team with Jaime as well as the jumping captain, a title he has placed upon himself as it is not an official one. His favorite events are the 200, 4x100, and long jump. An avid pole vaulter in high school, he still doesn’t understand why the club won’t just shell out a couple grand to pay for the insurance so he can do an event he is actually good at. When not running or lifting, Stuart enjoys playing music and other sports, eating, and being a research assistant at the Aerospace Research Lab. A fun fact about him is that he is an avid thrill seeker and knows more useless facts than he knows what to do with.

“As someone that really likes racing and jumping but has a pretty rigorous school schedule, running club has been a perfect fit. It fills the desire to be on a team like I was for so many years and build some great friendships while also letting me stay competitive so I don’t lose my mind in the classroom. Also, multiple members have dogs, and as someone who lives 8-9 hours from home and can’t see my dog regularly, this is a huge plus.”


Owen Milnes
Race Logistics Manager
Junior, Journalism

Owen is the head of issuing out information for our meets and serves as our main point of contact with NIRCA. Often referred to as “The Funky Race Logistics Manager”, Owen enjoys racing the 3K, the 5K, and the 4 by Friendship on the track. During the fall, he tolerates the 8K. When running, Owen enjoys eccentric running shorts, not getting concussions, and Walhalla. When not running, Owen enjoys filming and editing videos, Blink-182, being a goon in the GroupMe, and bringing the thunder in sand volleyball. A fun fact about him is that he can do the worm, and if you sign up for the Running Club’s Buckeyethon team at this link, you can see it happen.

“Before I joined Running Club last fall, I absolutely hated OSU. I missed having people to run with and I really struggled my first year to make any lasting friendships. Joining Running Club was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I have had more fun in just one day of being in Running Club than I did all of my freshman year. The club allows me to still compete at a high level, but it also has allowed me to meet some of my favorite people on the planet and I am absolutely honored to be able to serve as an officer this year.”

Want to know more about Owen? Check out his running story here.


Evan Porter
Race Logistics Manager
Sophomore, Biology

Evan is the head of coordinating carpools and hotels for our meets. As a man chalk-full of natural talent (and injuries), Evan is a quick boi, finding comfort in the warm embrace of middle-distance races. He tolerates the 8K because he has nothing better to do with his time (and he enjoys friendship). You’ll rarely find Evan wearing a shirt (he is immune to the cold), except when he rocks floral blazers and other fantastic outfits at the club’s social events. Outside of running, Evan likes to casually play sports, listen to classic rock, and overthrow Running Club one officer at a time. A fun fact about Evan is that he plays the saxophone, and he can serenade you with “Careless Whisper” if you play your cards right.

“I’m your run-of-the-mill Gigolo: I love Thai food, romantic walks on the beach, and stealing yo’ girl. My legs are falling apart, but Run Club and friendship are the glue that’s keeping me together. I am thrilled to be an officer this year, pursuing my true goals of achieving world domination and providing world-class carpool and hotel coordination services.”


The Social Committee


Matt Newman
Social Chair
Junior, Secondary Education-Integrated Language Arts

Matt, along with Catherine, oversees the planning of parties, pasta dinners and other social events throughout the school year. Matt’s favorite running events are the mile and the marathon, but he loves running for the relationships that it brings. Outside of running, Matt is a member of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega and works at the Longaberger Alumni House on campus. Matt enjoys watching movies, reading, playing piano, singing and doing anything active.

“I spent my freshman year at the University of Cincinnati, and coming into my first year at OSU as a transfer student and a commuter at the time, Running Club was immediately welcoming to me as a way to stay fit and disciplined, make friends, and feel at home at OSU. My passion is relationships with people, and I’ve been blessed to create amazing friendships with the people that I’ve met in Running Club.”


Catherine Carey Social Chair, Junior, Middle Childhood Education

Catherine has been a sprinter with Running Club for the last 2 years. When she isn’t intimidating the real D1 throwers in shot put, she loves to compete in the 2k and 3k steeplechase. As an officer, Catherine, alongside of Matt, advocates for fun and lots of friendship by coordinating events and little get togethers. From pasta dinners and friendship runs, to morning after waffle house trips, Catherine and Matt plan the social events for the year to bring sprinters, distance runners, and throwers together. Outside of running club, Catherine takes several field experience classes and gets to spend a lot of time with 6th graders. She also enjoys reading, attending musicals, and taking long naps. Catherine and her family also are the owners of Tony Soprano, Running Clubs non-official official mascot. 

“I had a pretty rough freshmen year until I joined Running Club. School and classes can get really challenging, but getting to go to practice a few times a week with my friends is a great stress reliever. I ran track throughout high school but the environment was pretty competitive and stressful so I was hesitant to continue to run after graduation, but I am so glad I did! Running Club is all about friendship and fun. I feel really lucky to have joined this club. I have made some of my best friends here and met some of the most supportive people ever!”


Kendall Watkins
Apparel Chair
Junior, Marketing 

Kendall is the apparel chair for Running Club, and is responsible for the jerseys, t-shirts and spirit wear for the club. Kendall's favorite event is the 800m, but she also runs cross country (slowly). Outside of Running Club, Kendall is in the Business of Retail Association and works at the Jesse Owens/North Recreation Centers on campus. A fun fact about Kendall is she won "Most Fashionable" two years in a row for Running Club.

"I ran cross country and track in high school, and was scared my racing days were going to be over once I graduated. I'm so thankful that Running Club has given me another opportunity to race in college and stay in shape, and also thankful for the incredible people I have met through Running Club."


Olivia Evankovich Web Master Sophomore, Biology

Olivia updates the website and runs the fire social media accounts. Also could be Spider-Man, but we are not sure if she is the master of all webs at this time. She runs the 6K during the fall despite her body’s best effort to stop her. During the track you can enjoy her bad pacing skills as she sprints at the end of a mile. Outside of running club, she enjoys playing video games and trying to get her soulless pet reptile to love her. A fun fact about Olivia is that she is an intern for the Erie Zoo.

“My dog Monty might be kinda stupid, but he is full of love. I would die for him. Sometimes people bring their dogs to Running Club, and I would die for those dogs too.”

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