New Website Feature - Race Photo Blog!

Hello! Just wanted to give a quick update and make everyone aware of a hot new feature on our website - Race Photos! This page is a collection of all of our meet photos from the 2018-19 school year (cross country and track), and will continue to be updated for future races. It features a couple dozen pictures in a slideshow format as “highlights” of our collection of photos from each meet. If you want to dive deeper, you can see the full album of all of the pictures taken at each meet in the form of a Google Photos album, which is linked underneath each photo blog post. My goal with this page is to aggregate all of our pictures scattered across Facebook and wherever else and make them publicly available in one place. Any feedback on this page and our albums is greatly appreciated!

You can find the blog under Competitive -> Race Photos, or use a direct link here. Also, be patient with load times and careful with mobile data on this page, since there are a lot of photos!

Your Webmaster,
Matt Polatas