Welcome to our New-Look Website!

Hey everyone, Webmaster speaking.

We have made the transition over to this new website template! Ultimately, the goal is to make the Ohio State Running Club website a hub for everything related to our club. Transitioning to this cleaner, easy to navigate, and modifiable form is the first step toward doing just that.

My personal view as Webmaster is to maintain an open conversation with members and work to add pages and functionality to the places that you all find most important. Comments and suggestions are always welcome, just email me at polatas.2@osu.edu.

I am continuing to make additions and improvements to the site on a regular basis, and major changes will be mentioned here, in the new "Announcements" page. Apart from website work, the Announcements will be used for major club events, like season schedules and our biggest social gatherings (on that note, come to the Welcome Week Run on Tuesday the 21st at 5:30 at Wexner Plaza).

What else is new?
We now have hubs for the social/competitive sides of the club.
Our homepage is a static welcome page, but is automatically updated with the most recent Announcements and the next event for both social and competitive.
Newsletters are collected and linked here on the website under the News tab.
Our contact information is more easily accessible.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this. I hope you find the new website as a big step up. And as always, happy running.

Your Webmaster,
Matt Polatas