What are Running Stories?

A Running Story is any narrative that involves an in-depth look at someone’s personal relationship with running.

Running Stories can be either introspective and emotional or light and humorous, but they all tell about unique and personal experiences from each of our runners. This blog is the medium for members of Running Club to tell what they love (or hate) about our sport and club. Check out our collection of Running Stories by clicking the images below or by using the “Read Running Stories” link. If you have written or are interested in writing a Running Story, contact our webmaster Olivia Evankovich at evankovich.6@osu.edu.


Living In A Glass House by Jason Keith

September 20, 2019


A Declaration of Self by Olivia

August 7, 2019


Bringing Back My Love of Running by Jaime Donaldson

July 7, 2019

Too Dumb to Quit by Keith Hansz

May 31, 2019

Rock Bottom: A Solid Foundation to Build Happiness On by Owen Milnes

May 25, 2019

Many Miles Ahead by Evan

April 9, 2018